Dead Island Shows How Team Work Is Golden During Zompocalypse

So what is the big news here as it clearly isn't just a lesson on surviving Zompocalypse? Well Dead Island has officially gone gold so we can expect it to keep the September 6th launch date. In celebration of this, Deep Silver let loose a Co-Op trailer for the game. Further trying to prove how team will lead to a longer survival. Least of which to mention, a little bit more to look at for the game that is only a month out now.

I do find it funny that in a game that has claimed a really cool co-op from the start; they are trying to push it as a new feature now. Even if that isn't what the goal was, it feels that way to me. At E3 that was all that was shown at the Deep Silver booth. Do they think that we all might have forgotten that there is co-op on the fly in the game? Maybe. I can over look this though seeing as the release is etched in stone now.