Dead Island Is Making Curb-Stomping A Good Thing

Now for my extra two cents. That is if you haven't already moved on to see the new screens yet.

Maybe I am the only one who finds humor in the selected images for promotion. I've always seen the curb-stomp as a racist act. That could be linked back to American History X or just that I hear the action spoken more by those with a lighter complexion towards those of darker tones. I just find the juxtaposition of the action in the below image where there is a darker skinned gentleman "curb-stomping" a paler skinned zombie.

I also remember back to when Resident Evil 5 was coming out and the outcries of racism because the main character was "white" and the enemies were "black." Will those same issues arise now that we are only a month or so out from Dead Island hitting shelves? It could be seen the same way couldn't it? I find the humor in the hypocrisy of the activist groups who fight racism. I highly doubt we will hear anything outside this little bit on the site, but it is to be figured.

By no means am I upset about this mind you. I am a huge racist or specist when it comes to Zombies. I think they are a plague and all of them should die. Don't even get me started on intermingling with them. It is an abomination. I'd even go as far as to call all living humans to ban together and wipe this horrid scourge from the face of the earth. I'd even ask for every able body from albino to melanic to join in getting rid of these things.

That said, enjoy the screen shots.

Dead Island Dead Island Dead Island Dead Island Dead Island
Dead Island Dead Island Dead Island