Alice Shows How The Madness Turned Into Hysteria

Continuing down that rabbit hole, another interesting addition the game play looks to be the Hysteria mode. From the looks of it, it makes Alice retard strong and even more bug nuts insane. Or at least able to take and deal out more damage for a short period of time. Quite akin to Rage of the Titans from GoW or Splatterhouse's Berserk Mode.

I am totally digging the color scheme for the Hysteria mode here. Even though the black, white and red color schemes have been used so many times in the past, I think it blends well with the mental state in the game. Alice is supposed to be a little "mad" and you hear people describe a fugue state as everything "going black" or "seeing red." This just lets us truly see what these people are talking about. Bring on June 14th!

Alice Madness Returns Alice Madness Returns Alice Madness Returns Alice Madness Returns