See How Dead Island Is Going To Handle

Before you move off to the video though, I'd like to make my normal comments. So bare with me. Or ignore these words and watch the clip.

The video clip is mostly game play footage. Awesome right? We get to see how Dead Island will be a Dead Rising meets Borderlands type of game, as game play goes. To be honest if there is no time table to have to keep, I am completely down. That was the only thing that drove me nuts with DR and it looks like Dead Island uses the concept but not as strict.

I am also a huge fan of the emphasis on melee weapons being the primary form of protection. I find it funny that when zombies are on the loose everyone becomes a firearms expert and head shots are handed out like candy on Halloween. That takes training where as swinging a machete to a zombie's neck or a spiked baseball bat to the skull is something that anyone who has now physical handicaps can do.

Until we find out how these people become a MacGyver and can somehow can hook an electrical current to a machete without shocking themselves in the process I am going to stay a little weary on that part of the story. I'm not saying that would be impossible or a game breaker, I just like to have logic in my zombie games. Is that too much to ask?