Dead Island Really Showing How Paradise Can Go Wrong

The trailer on the other hand is not as informative, but it does hold a different view of the game world. While there is the promise of more at E3, which is a no brainer, it is a fun new public view on what happened on the island paradise. Pretty much as you would assume too. People came for a good time only to find out that there was a horde of zombies hidden somewhere on the island. Kind of puts the thought that the travel planners might be some of those higher functioning zombies from Return Of The Living Dead. You know, making calls to the kin of "Send More Brains…"

Check back here after E3 for more Dead Island views and info. But only all of you people who survive the Zombie Apocalypse / Rapture of 5/21/11. All of you heathens should be the only ones left to read my ramblings while the dead shamble.

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