Let's Take The Dead Island Challenge

Be it the mixture of the music and the film style or the fact that you are watching something extremely happy being torn apart by flesh eating monsters. It has some impact. So I issue a challenge. Can you watch this trailer and not have some kind of sad feeling weasel its way out? I've been able to do it but I am an emotional bastion of adamantium. So let's have fun and see if you can do it. Here's the trailer for you.

Now that you have seen the trailer, be honest, did you tear up? No one will mock you for having feelings except for those that have no feelings.

Now I said there were two things I noticed. The second was the fact that this trailer is a form of palindrome. You know one of those things that are the same forward and backwards. Like spelling "MOM", "BOB" or "Warsaw Was Raw". If you want to see what I am talking about, I have clipped the trailer and reversed it so you can watch it the other way and maybe see a few things you didn't catch before. I know I did.

Before I shut up about this, is there a reason to get all pumped about this game? I mean it happens a lot that the trailers are considerably much better than the actual game itself. I wish I had a dollar for every instance of this. I would have retired decades ago.

To try and put some of these worries to rest, but not completely, here are some in-game shots from Dead Island. Obviously it looks nice and we have no clue how it will handle, but at least we can see that Techland is on the path to making it look good. With that I shut up now.

Dead Island Dead Island Dead Island Dead Island Dead Island
Dead Island Dead Island Dead Island