Guardians of Graxia: Elves and Dwarves

New Guardians

First out of the gate are the new guardians, GoG is introducing a new elf and dwarf Guardian with corresponding units. First is an elf labeled as deceitful and Broxin the dwarf is greedy by nature, but aren't all dwarves really? These two guardians now bring the guardian count up to six.

New Units

With this expansion were getting a slew of new units. Some Elvin, some dwarven and then a sprinkle of everything else. Here is a list of fourteen new units that will be available upon release today.

Elvin Units

  1. Serin's Tiger Riders
  2. Spearman
  3. Elf Blademen
  4. The Jade Council
  5. Ithel

Dwarven units:

  1. Mountain Breakers of the Mine
  2. Balak the Hunter
  3. Redbeard's Rangers
  4. Ulmar's Iron Dragons

Other units:

  1. Gubbin's Gliders (Goblin)
  2. Tinker Thinkers (Goblin)
  3. Harvesters of Tree Willow (Wisp)
  4. Soul Consumers (Wraith)
  5. Bone Ballista (Skeleton)

New Maps

This is probably the best part of the new expansion. Players are getting six new skirmish maps with some serious challenges added. Players are getting loaded up on maps, considering we just had a map expansion not too long ago. One of the new features that come with these new maps is the random map generator. The new random map generator will change the tile configuration upon entry. This is a feature players have been asking for since release and it's really great to see Petroglyph listening to its community. I feel this adds great replay value and lets players play in a more dynamic world.



You can pick up the latest expansion on either Steam, GamersGate, or Impulse Direct Download. You can also check out all the details on their social site located here. For serious strategical combat, this is an expansion you can't pass up!