A Date With Capcom At CES

Marvel VS. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

So yea, it is another Marvel Vs. Capcom when you get down to it. If you've toyed around with the previous iterations of the franchise, then you have about 90% of it all summed up there for you. Outside of characters and a new storyline, that is the bulk to report here. What was interesting were the actual controls for it.

Maybe it has just been a while since I've picked up the franchise, but when did it all get dumbed down? I mean, there is a "simple" mode to help new players to the genre, but even the "normal" controls seemed a bit on the basic side. The version I played made no distinction between Kicks and Punches. All the moves were just Light, Medium or Hard with special moves mixed in. That kind of defeats some of the strategy of the fighting genre, but I guess it is all in the name of "making it accessible."

While I am still leery on the new control scheme, I'm still ready for this to hit shelves already. I am curious on how the story mode of the game will develop and whether or not it might be close to what Mortal Kombat Vs. DC did. As Capcom only had the mini arcade set up showing the Mad Catz controllers and playable version with all the announced characters, that was all they were open to talk about.

MotoGP 10/11

Next up is their yearly motorcycle simulation title hooked into the real world racing circuit of the same name. It sports, pun intended, all of the real physics, calendar of events and racers that fans have watched all last year. By fans I am talking the real world races and not those who loved MotoGP 09/10.

Confusion aside (for now), I bet you are curious on the weird fractions in the titles - at least if you are not familiar with the games. Those are for the years this iteration is going to cover 2010 to 2011. That way once calendar events are finished this year your game can be updated accordingly through some form of DLC. That way, you don't have to wait a full year to get next year's updates.

From the sounds of that it would seem that the only thing that has been updated besides the game's title is the event list. At least it did to me so I obviously asked the question, "Why not just update 09/10 with DLC instead of full game launch?" To which I got the answers of an upgraded graphics system, new control configurations and extra "cheats" to ease gamers that don't play racing games into the game. All things that made my play-through not Tourette's filled.

Not my cup of tea, but I am sure that it will be great for those that like the racing genre.

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

Time to bring it back a little old school and go all 2D side-scrolling. Yes, there is another Bionic Commando hitting the XBLA and PSN. All the shooting, running and claw swinging you can handle in one nice little package. Oh and also the inclusion of jumping. Yep there will be jumping included in the core game play for this one. Something that I was told has caused quite a stir from the old school fans.

I got to play through a couple of levels in the game and I would have to say that all you "old school purists" are fucking nuts. That or you just don't like playing games that are beatable. I'm sorry but an action platformer shouldn't be all about being able to swing correctly for whole game. I applaud Capcom for actually putting in the jumping movement. It will make it more likely for me to pick up the title as I had fun not having to worry about geometry the entire time.

If you are one of those math nerds who love only the swinging, don't worry there will be a difficulty that will remove the jump button for you. Isn't it nice that Capcom let you have your "I want to break a controller" version of the game?


This was a new title to me - not being a fan of Asian culture or the DS. Not that I have anything against them, they are just not my glass of beer. I took a gander none the less and found quite a bit of fun mixed together here in Okamiden. I'm sure long time fans will already be looking forward to this, but what of us newbies?

I sat down with a lot of skepticism about this seemingly "kiddy" game and quickly lost 20 minutes going through the level and going back once I obtained upgrades even though I was suppose to just move on. I had a lot of fun drawing on the screen all of the "magic" attacks that were available. Even coming in about half way through the game I had no issue getting the swing of things and wanting to just keep going. I'll be honest I had no clue as far as the story goes, but the game play by itself was enough to keep me around.

I was also very impressed with the visual style of the game. It reminded me a lot of The Mark Of Kri, if it was a little cartoonier. A pretty cool little title for the DS. Now I just need to get one and I can actually get further involved in this awesome little game.

After prying myself off these games it was time to head out and let the other people have a go. For the most part what I got to see was exactly as I expected from all the titles, sans Okemiden. I'm not saying that what Capcom brought was crap at all, it's just that what they brought were franchises that if they made any drastic and surprising changes to they would lose the fans. That being said, if you are a fan of any of the above titles, you shouldn't be let down by what they are bringing you. I enjoyed my time with all of these titles even though some I would never normally give the time of day to without being prompted by some outside source.