Dragon Age 2 Already Handing Out Free DLC

From the e-mail:

Get a friend to sign up to receive Dragon Age e-mail communications during the month of October they will receive a code for the Staff of Parthalan. All they need to do is sign up here:


What is the Staff of Parthalan? Well allow me to enlighten you:

Magic has always run strongly within the Hawke bloodline. The tales passed down from one generation to the next tell of an ancestor named Parthalan, a mage who long ago helped to unite Ferelden under the rule of King Calenhad. Parthalan eventually vanished into legend, fleeing the persecution of the Chantry, but his legacy remains in the hands of his family - along with his hope that one day, mages would achieve the freedom that King Calenhad intended to bring to all men.

Awesome right? In order to actually redeem this shiny item you need to have a BioWare Social Network account and have it linked to your EA Profile. I'm all for free DLC, but before I've even played the game is crazy talk.

BioWare and the Dragon Age team have been living up to a constant stream of amazing down-loadable content, some free and some paid. With Dragon Age 2, it's good to see that they are going to keep that stream of DLC coming through, and continue to enhance the game play experience.

Keep an eye on the official website; I'm sure that as we draw closer to Dragon Age 2's release, we will see more goodies popping up in our e-mails.