Learn Where The Plague Comes From in Dead Rising 2

I do wonder if they truly did build all the jury-rigged weapons in house to see if they would work or not as it is shown in the clip. Also, if they did, did they actually swung them around for the motion capture guys? Now that would have been a kick ass job, but for some reason I think they were just part of this shoot. If not, how the hells do I get that job?!

It is nice to see how the campaign multiplayer is going to be handled. I do hate a split screen for these kinds of games and I'm glad they didn't go that route. I just hope that the game play isn't so bogged down that having two players will make the whole thing unenjoyable, but I guess the multiplayer game show can make up a bit if it does fall flat. Nothing better than exploiting the undead for my amusement.

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