EA's Showcase Showdown From London

Just recently EA held a huge showcasing of some of their huge titles coming soon in London. If you don't live over there or are in the media, then you most likely didn't get to see what was going on. But fret not, here are some of the things you thought you might have missed. All in video form for your consumption.

If you don't have the time, I'll recap for you. There is an awesome interview about what we get to look forward to in Dead Space 2. Like play modes and a little bit of story. Then we have Star Wars: The Old Republic and their showcase of the bounty hunter class and a bit on the ridiculously early prequel for the franchise. Not to mention the talk of expansions already. Mass Effect 2 get's labeled as the best in the series of two and explanation on how the DLC will bridge 2 and 3. Then finally you are left with some of the best looking graphics from Crysis 2. You know the game that most of us won't be able to run on our systems still. At least that is the joke.

Dead Space 2

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Mass Effect 2

Crysis 2