Next Week Dante's Inferno Will Get Challenging

Jokes and pokes aside, the Trials of St. Lucia DLC does look to add quite a bit to the over all game of Dante's Inferno. Well at least longevity if anything. As the below video will show, players will be able to make their own "levels" for other to play that could add up to ten minutes per challenge. Which could be massive after a few weeks, if players actually take time to make interesting and fair challenges. Forcing Dante and Lucia to fight wave after wave of Infernal Mode demons while given weak strengths isn't challenging just as a heads up. It is retardababy.

If you want to see what I mean, look below to the video where you get a nice walk through on how to make a fair and balanced challenge for the game. Also a bit of explanation on how the whole thing works at that. Just to get you all primed for the release next week. That is the whole 12 of you out there still playing Dante's Inferno as of this posting.