The Ultimo Iron Man 2 Videogame

Well looking below at the latest set of game screen shots and renders you will see that Ultimo has finally been shown. At least a bit more than was shown in the villains reveal trailer that really didn't show more than the robot's name. Not to mention a few new in-game shots of what it will be like to play as Iron Man during the brand new story that is supposedly not based on the film's story.

Now I know what you are going to think. "Hey, when did Transformers go up against Iron Man?" I agree a bit with that. Ultimo does look a bit to close to the recent Transformer characters show for their game. But rest assured that this is not a sneak in cameo from another franchise that will never be linked into one of Marvel's cash cows now. At least for now. I did mention it on the web and I bet some one over there is now thinking about it.

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