Heavy Rain Gets All Virally

In any instance, if you head over to www.HeavyRain.com and register, you will be sent the first of many to come instructions for this week. You will be updated, from what I could gather, every Tuesday to Friday over the next three weeks with further clues and instructions. All to get to the end result of... getting to know more about the game through lore and hidden assets. All for just spending time searching their social networking sites and content on the home page there. Oh, and there is talk of a special Heavy Rain shirt for home as well. But that looks to be talk on the forum boards and not listed in the emails I have received so far.

Just so you know, once you sign up, you will be given a task for today. If you feel like cheating, I will provide a spoilerific explanation below. If not, have fun figuring it out on your own.


After you get your first email, you will be directed to go to a new site. It will ask your age and all that fun stuff and what country you are from. Currently it doesn't show any outside of Europe, but if you select a country where you can read the language you'll be good. From here you will see a flash video play out where it is raining and words are displayed on the screen from @Usernames. These names are bunk as I have tried them all and come up with bad Twitter names. In the end, you are waiting for the bunch of letters to appear on the paper in the upper right. The letters are jumbled and never in the same order. But the are always the same letters. Your job is to rearrange them to find the real Twitter page to follow. @PerfectFolds. From here it is still unclear if there is anything more, but there are things to X-Amine on the page, which will help with tomorrows clue.


Heavy Rain: Four Day Challenge