I Got A Great Big Bow Here

So on Monday we were able to give you a nice view of what the Lord of the Dead would be looking like. We've seen him only in a few minor shots in the God of War FMVs before that. But now we get one further peek at how this epic boss/boss fight will look and feel. All of this through some more screen shots from the game and what is being shown at GamesCom.

I know it is all Hades vs. Kratos in those shots there, but it still looks amazingly stunning. Makes me wonder what is actually happening before and after the timing of those screen shots. Bet it went down something like this.

Hades: Hey, Kratos, what ya think of these awesome, glowing chains I got here. They rip souls from bodies.
Kratos: Neat. I want them... NOW!
Kratos pulls out a big bow. Kratos: I got a great big bow here.
Hades: Dude, not cool. Now I'm going to have to rip your soul from you.
Kratos: Over my dead body after I made it with your mother.
Hades: That's kind of the point. Hey wait a minute
Fight starts

Well at least that is how I'll picture it until I get to actually play it. But until then, that's what it is.