Free Monsters At Comic Con!

It's been said a billion times and will be said a billion more. We all like free. Freedom. Free Food. Free Speech. Free of STDs. Free DLC. Words and phrases we all like to hear and will go out of our way to attain. Be it get a penicillin shot or drive/fly to San Diego, CA for a comic book and entertainment convention. Am I wrong?

Well playing on the latter there, if you have a PSP, a copy of Capcom's Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and a pass to this year's Comic Con, then you can get a treat with some new, free DLC. 8 things of new, free DLC. All you have to do is roll over to the Capcom booth and hook into their Download Center and presto, you can fill up two memory cards worth of quests for the game. 6 to a card.

This is all to help launch the new every Friday schedule Capcom is trying to instill for content and quests. Starting from this DLC on out through 2010 they plan to keep it all fresh and changing. Hopefully they won't charge for all of the other content. But at least the first 8 can be free. Just like crack.

Hi [Insert Name Here],

San Diego Comic Con 2009 kicks-off next week and Capcom already has an amazing announcement to make. Everyone who brings their PSP and a copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite to the Capcom booth can download up to 8 free quests!

The Capcom booth will have a dedicated download station for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite players to download these quests. Only 6 quests will fit on a memory stick, so players should bring either two sticks, or another friend along that has their own PSP and copy of the game. There's a little bit of something for everyone amongst the quests offered, with 4 of the quests suited for beginners and the other catering to more experience players.

These quests are just a taste of what Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has to offer. Every Friday from now through 2010, new quests will be available for download for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Everything from challenge quests to event quests will add continuous hours of fun to this extraordinary title.

Feel free to spread the word about this exciting Comic Con 2009 opportunity. Free downloadable content for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite -- all you need to bring is your PSP and the game!


Capcom PR Team