It Is Time To Kick It With A Whole Lot Of Gameplay For Anger Foot

Anger Foot

Just ahead of the launch of Anger Foot, we have a whole lot of new gameplay to get us all hyped up for Anger Foot’s launch

We have had a whole lot of little looks at Anger Foot as we have been building up to the release on the PC tomorrow, July 11th, but it has not been a whole lot of gameplay in one sitting. Not a bad thing or slight against Free Lives, but for many out there, it does not build the most hype for the game. I guess that is why we are back one more time with Anger Foot with a whole lot of gameplay to enjoy. Like ten minutes of gameplay of the game in one shot and without anyone talking over it all. Just as we should have been expecting and now can dive in to see if we are going to be kicking it with this game tomorrow. Let us dive into it all.

Just as we would assume for a game called Anger Foot, there is a whole lot of kicking and a whole lot of jumping going on in the game. Along with a whole lot of frantic moving and shooting too. A new and interesting twist to things out there for the game. Especially when we get to see that we can also throw our empty guns to stun enemies for yet another well-placed kick. Something that also carries over into some of the boss fights in Anger Foot from the looks of things. All of which you can see in the gameplay and make the assumption it is going to go for the whole game. All while keeping that look of being in the Rick & Morty style of things. That feels like the best way to describe all of that for now. Have a look and see what is about to kick us in the face tomorrow.

Anger Foot — 10 Straight Minutes Of Gameplay

This angry action booter shooter launches tomorrow. Anger Foot kicks back on July 11!

I am a bit of a fan of how the sniper section is being handled in this part of Anger Foot and that we will have to navigate a maze, of sorts, to get to them. Including the little platforming of jumping and kicking the various guys throwing bombs at us too. I hope this is not the only time we have something like this to do in Anger Foot, as the sewer sections and basic running about feel like it will get monotonous quickly. Almost like how all of the general roaming of the streets feels when getting some of the story from various NPCs just placed there to be kicked around. That is part of the humor, though, so I guess it makes sense. I just want more from a game like this than I should.

Are you now fully excited to see what else Anger Foot has to offer up now? Should we have had more videos like this before the launch or was it fun to see how we made it to this point? What other weird gameplay elements do you think we are going to have in the game or will it mostly be shooting and kicking instead? Jump on down to the comment section to discuss all of this and let the world know your thoughts. We are going to keep the news for Anger Foot flowing on out there as best we can, so please keep on coming back to see and hear about all of that. I am sure it will be a fun time and you will not want to miss out at all.