The PlayStation Bots Are On The Move With The Announcement For Astro Bot

Astro Bot

A new adventure is on the way with Astro Bot getting announced and bringing us more of the Astro Bot early this Fall

I want to say I called it from a long time ago, but here we are with the announcement for Astro Bot. A new title on the way from Team ASOBI for the PS5 that is finally going to give us a full adventure from something that was more of a demo from the launch of the console. Yes, this is a title that is expanding on all of those fun little platforming and minigames we had to play with as we waited for the bigger titles to flow out for the PS5. Although, this Astro Bot title is looking like it is going to be a whole lot more than just showing off what the console and controllers can do. Even if I am sure that will still be done and blow more minds along the way with this one.

As you will be able to see below, Astro Bot brings that fun little mascot back into the mix and world of the PlayStation for us to platform, fly, and do all of the other things we had a taste for. All while giving us more of the characters and worlds that have made the console popular over the years. Possibly even a bit of a story in the mix with Astro Bot giving us boss fights and other collectibles along the way. All when the game lands on the console on September 6th of this year. So, we will have something cozy to play with right before the horrors of October come crashing right in. Not a terrible choice to go with, if I do say so.

Astro Bot — Announcement

Gear up for a supersized space adventure with Astro Bot!

Charge into a brand-new, supersized adventure with Astro across more than 50 exciting and diverse worlds on September 6th, 2024.

Pre-orders begin June 7th, 2024.

Back when the PS5 launched and I spent so much time finding all the little things in the smaller version of Astro Bot, I said that they should have made a full game of it instead of a few smaller sections. I am a bit shocked that it took this long, but given what we see here, it could be that the team wanted to make sure they hit on everything the current PS5 can offer up. Something that will hit the audio, microphone, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and everything else so perfectly. It could be that Astro Bot might be getting ready to usher in a newer version of the console to get more players to opt-in to it and would be a great jumping-off point so it feels like they are getting the full experience from day-one.

Are you also surprised that it took this long to get the full version of Astro Bot out there or does it make sense? Will there be a solid story to be able to follow or will we still have to piece it together based on the way the characters talk? Will the first version of it all play anything into this title or was that just a solid showing of the console capabilities and nothing more back then? Head into the comment section to let those thoughts out of your head. We will have more for Astro Bot as it comes, so please keep on checking back in for all of those updates and the many others we will have along the way.