Marvel Rivals Takes Aim At The Consoles With A Closed Beta Incoming

Marvel Rivals

A closed beta for Marvel Rivals on the consoles is on the way to get more into the mix of what Marvel Rivals is offering up

It looks like the PC community will not be the only ones getting a solid taste of Marvel Rivals before it is ready with the game making the leap over to the consoles to give us a bit of the Closed Beta test. It looks like NetEase Games is going to need as many hands on deck for this one, so this coming July, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S gamers will be able to dive in and join all of those PC gamers doing this. All to have a solid taste of what Marvel Rivals is going to bring while also making sure it lives up to the developer's expectations too. The usual run of things as it comes out there for these kinds of games. Even if it is one that seems a little off to have in general.

Now that we know when we can have a taste of Marvel Rivals, let us look at what the game actually is now. This is the first time we have had it on the site so there has to be something… oh… it is a hero shooter set in the Marvel universe. One that will allow us to team up with other heroes to run around maps shooting each other and using some of the special powers to make sure we come out on top. Be that for the side of good or the side of evil as it looks like Marvel Rivals will allow us to play and team up with both sides out there. An interesting take on things that you can see in motion just a little lower down on the page.

Marvel Rivals — Console Announcement

Marvel Rivals finally comes to PlayStation 5 and Xbox!

Venom and Adam Warlock unleash their powers! Watch as they lead their teams into an epic face-off with all-new Team-Up abilities and environmental destruction!

Warm up your skills for the next phase of Marvel Rivals: the Closed Beta Test will be unleashed next July on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam!

To celebrate, we’ve prepared an exclusive Spider-Man costume for PS5, available at the game launch!

So, I am curious why Marvel Rivals is leaning into the shooter side of things beyond allowing the characters to use their normal powers in unique ways. I get that gamers are all about these kinds of games as of late, but it is weird to see the Hulk shooting instead of smashing. Not only that, but seeing long-time rivals in the universe teaming up in general. Sure, they do that in the comics now and then, but it is a core thing in Marvel Rivals that makes it feel like it is like many of the other hero shooters out there just with the Marvel IPs slapped on. Maybe it will be different and the closed beta will show something new, but based on all of this, it is a weird title to see that is coming out.

Have you been excited for Marvel Rivals since it was first teased a bit ago or is this the first you are hearing of it? Do you think the closed beta will be more than a demo and server balancing thing or will that be all that we are able to do out there? How vast of a roster will it be at launch and will that all be based on how many sign up to give it all a go? Shoot up the comment section with all of those thoughts and then let the discussion keep on flowing. We are going to keep sharing all that we can for Marvel Rivals, so please keep on checking back for all of those updates and the many others we have to come for the site.