Wander About New Gameplay Along With A Release Date For Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill

The release date for the Silent Hill 2 remake is set and we can head into Silent Hill a little bit with some new gameplay

About as we all expected and figured, it looks as if the Silent Hill 2 remake will be land on October 8th of this year. As long as Bloober Team and Konami are able to keep things on track and keep on bringing out some solid gameplay for it all. That should not be a high bar to clear and it looks like we are getting some of that sweet new gameplay for the Silent Hill 2 remake along with all of this. In a few different chunks so we can take some time to figure out which version of the game we are going to buy on the PS5 or PC. Nothing too crazy for us all to take in as we head into the big information dump of the video game season…

Now that we have the release date out of the way, let us look at how our return trip to Silent Hill is going to look. One would think that after all of this time, it is going to blow minds and shock us all. If anything, give us all a bit more of a fright and take some of those character and monster designs to a whole new level. This is all something we get to see not only in the release date trailer that offers up a little look at the Silent Hill 2 remake but also in a nice long segment that takes us all over the town meeting more of the cast. All of that and seeing more of the combat, level designs, and other horrors that lay within the world. Let us dive into all of that now.

Silent Hill 2 Remake — Release Date

Silent Hill 2 is set to release on October 8th!

Silent Hill 2 Remake — Gameplay

Take a trip through the streets of Silent Hill and step inside the dilapidated Brookhaven Hospital in this chilling 13-minute gameplay trailer (with subtitles).

Maybe it is just me, but I was rather expecting a massive leap forward when it came to the Silent Hill 2 remake when it came to everything we would see for gameplay. The developers have proven themselves in the past and this would be a good chance to further all of that, but it feels like there is something missing in the mix that could be on the side of the publisher more than anything. The creatures do not instill the same level of horror they did before, to me, and they also feel like they are a last-gen look to them. This is early-ish footage of the Silent Hill 2 remake, so maybe it will shift when we get closer to the release, but it feels like other games that this one inspired are doing a better job of capturing that. I am hoping things will shift, or that this is all based on the small segments they did show so far. We have time and I am sure things will keep progressing.

Are you overly hyped to head back into Silent Hill with this game or does it feel a little off to you as well? Should we have seen a massive leap forward or are the more subtle steps more of a nod to what made the game a classic in the first place? How much of the publisher involvement will be forced into the game after knowing what the developers can do when given full freedom? Walk on down to the comment section and let your mind flow out there in the text. There is going to be a whole lot more for the Silent Hill 2 remake and we will share it all here for you. Please keep on coming back to see and hear about all of that as we get it out there. I know we will all be overly excited to hit the streets with this one no matter the case.