Start Tossing Some Capsules Around In The Signal

The Signal

New features are on the way to The Signal with us getting some new capsules to toss around as we explore the world of The Signal

The features and updates for The Signal keep on flowing out there for us with the latest showing up for the playtest on the PC. A new feature that Goose Byte has out there in this pre-alpha form so we can better explore the world that we are going to find ourselves in when we get to experience The Signal on the PC and consoles. That is still to be determined down the line, but it is always fun to see something new as the development carries forward. Let us have a look at what has been revealed for this new update and what to expect going forward.

As we are going to see in the video below, The Signal is giving us a way to craft things and easily carry them about in the game. Also, it looks like it is going to give us an easier way to deploy all of those things when the time is right. Something we will need to make sure we are always ready for with all of the other things going on out there in the world of The Signal. Thankfully, this video is not where it all ends as a playtest for the game is opening up now between May 23rd and June 6th. You do not need to speculate on anything and just give the very early version of the game a play instead of trying to figure out what is going on.

The Signal — Capsules Reveal

Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage.

Preview of new throwable capsule crafting feature from the forthcoming game, The Signal. Pre-Aplha Playtest Open from May 23 through June 6, 2024 on Steam.

The Signal is an open-world survival craft game made by Goose Byte. Coming soon to PC and consoles.

Design your fate in The Signal. Abandoning Earth for a new home, your expedition of climate refugees has you venturing into the unknown on an uncharted alien planet filled with wonder and peril. Survive by understanding the ecosystem, and use that knowledge to invent infrastructure, equipment, and vehicles to progress. As you delve deeper, alien ruins and cryptic patterns can reveal the secrets of this planet, if you can unravel them.

New Playtest Features:

  • Capsules - take your inventions on the go! Instantly deploy your stored inventions with a simple toss - equipment, structures and even vehicles can be carried with you on your expedition
  • Barrier Fragment - If a bear or other creature tries to attack you, you can deploy an energy fence that can contain them long enough for you to scan, interact, or run away from them!
  • Dead Explorer Mission - uncover what happened to the previous expedition to the planet… Voiced by Jeremiah Costello who has worked on Game of Thrones (game), Dead Synchronicity, Pineview Drive, and Husk.
  • New Vehicle Designs - new chassis, bikes, and even hover options are available.
  • Landscape Scanner - use the ping scan system to help locate crucial resources and other points of interest and exploration.
  • New Creature - uncover the latest fauna to reveal itself.
  • Mouse and keyboard support has been added.
  • Localised into French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Turkish!

Is it all that shocking that The Signal would give us a feature like this or did you think it would be handled in a different way? How long will it take to get other big features added into the mix and will that come about after the playtest? Are you going to partake in the playtest or just let this one be until the final release of the game lands out there for us all? Head on down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that might be going on in your brain. If we get more for The Signal, we will share it as best we can. Please keep on checking back for all of those updates and the many others we have in the pipes.