MultiVersus Set Jokers To Be Wild With New Gameplay To Look At


New gameplay for MultiVersus is out here to show off how The Joker will play when MultiVersus fully launches

The clown prince of crime is coming to MultiVersus as we saw last week, and now it is time to see just what the character will be adding into the game when it does launch fully on May 28th. More than just Player First Games getting the most iconic voice of the character back in the saddle, that is. Here we get to see just how The Joker is going to play around in MultiVersus. Not only in combat but also when it comes to playing around with the other characters in the game. Batman is going to have to step up his game once more on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC.

Just like with other characters for MultiVersus, we get to see how The Joker will be able to get around the maps and try to knock everyone else off the platforms. All use the same gimmicky gadgets that we have seen from the animated show and add in a few others along the way. While we do not get a solid overview of the character in this gameplay, we do get to see how he will be more of a close-range character in MultiVersus. Along with that, we also get to see that he may be able to put on the "Bat Who Laughs" costume in the mix of things too. Something that will be a little weird but fun to hear Mark Hamill's voice when it does not feel like the same type of character.

MultiVersus — Character Gameplay: The Joker

Ready to laugh till it hurts? The Joker has invaded MultiVersus!

P.S. Batman really needs to tighten his security.

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What are your thoughts on The Joker in MultiVersus after seeing this new gameplay? Will you need to see how the character breaks down more to get a good feel for him or will it just be the same button-mashing the game usually is? Will the antics in the video play out in the game or is that all just fun stuff for the marketing of it all? Head on down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to offer up for the game. We will share all that we can for MultiVersus going forward, so keep on coming back here to get a taste for all of it and everything else we can find out there for you.