Sand Land Takes Us Further Into The Fight With The Forest Land

Sand Land

A bit of the story of Sand Land is here along with a look at one of the other lands we will have to explore in Sand Land

The ride toward the launch of Sand Land is getting closer with April 26th rolling up fast. With that rolling in, it looks as if Bandai Namco is ready to give us all a look at more of what will be out there in the game. More in the way of the Forest Land we are going to be taking up arms against and the various other vehicles we will get to ride around in. Put on your seatbelt and get ready to take in a bit more of what Sand Land has to offer and see the other biomes we will be exploring in the mix.

As the name implies, the Forest Land is going to be filled with all of the trees while the Sand Land is filled with, well, sand. The lands are at odds with each other and our little group will be taking on the underdog fight to them. At least as this new and original story plays out and we get to explore more of the world out there. A vast and large world that should have other locations, but for Sand Land, we are going to need to deal with only the two we have highlighted so far. Let us now take a look at this new land and see just what other difference we can see in the game beyond the very obvious.

Sand Land — Forest Land

The journey continues beyond the dunes of Sand Land with a new original story from Akira Toriyama! Explore the open world of Forest Land when you play Sand Land, out April 26th.

Maybe this is something in the bigger version of Sand Land that is already out there in the world, but this feels all a bit too obvious and rote for a story and design. Maybe this is partially why I am not always keen on the anime and manga stories we get out there. They all walk very similar paths, with similar over-the-top characters, and lead to the same kind of ending. Sure, many other titles do that too, but it always feels the same to me in this genre. Maybe Sand Land is playing that up so we are truly shocked when things take a shift, but that has not been seen in anything by me as of yet.

Is this something you were expecting in Sand Land or did this come out of left field for you? Will we also see other lands based around natural things or will these be the only warring nations? How do you suspect the story and events will deviate out there and could it change things up from the usual formula? Head down to the comments to discuss and let the world know about all of those thoughts. We are going to keep the news for Sand Land rolling out there, so please keep on checking in for those updates and many other things yet to come.