The Giraffes Are Crawling Around Out The In The World Of Zoochosis


A new video for Zoochosis is out of the Future Games Show to show us more frights to terrorize in the upcoming Zoochosis

We had a good little fright with some dark animal body horror with the announcement for Zoochosis, but it looks like those frights are not going to end there. During the Future Games Show this year, Clapperheads offered up a new look at the game to place more nightmare fuel into our brains. More of the twister giraffes we will see scuttling around after whatever plague has caught them in Zoochosis. These will not be the only animals we see this happen to when the game hits the PC in Q2 of 2024, but it is a highlight of this new footage. Get your eyes ready to have something played before them that you may or may not want to have stricken from your memory. You have been warned…

For those who are not fully aware of Zoochosis, this is a new horror title where you play as a zookeeper on the worst first night of their lives. All shown through the bodycam style that is all the rage for horror titles, we see as the various animals in the zoo are being mutated by a disease and we are the only ones that can stop it. That is where the meat of Zoochosis kicks in as we will also have to figure out which habitats we are going to let fall or we are going to fight harder to keep. In this new trailer, though, it definitely looks like choices were made and the zookeeper is going to be dealing with all of those new giraffe-spider hybrids. That will be your last warning before you dive into the latest for this game.

Zoochosis — Future Games Showcase 2024

Clapperheads invites you to spend a terrifying evening as a newly employed night zookeeper where the animals are not as they first seem… Welcome to Zoochosis, the heart-pounding new bodycam horror simulation game coming to PC via Steam in Q2 2024.

Zoochosis is a spine-chilling bodycam horror simulation game where you play a zookeeper about to start their first night shift. As you strap on your bodycam and go about your rounds, you notice strange behavior from some of the animals in the enclosures, unlike anything you have ever seen. A terrifying parasite is spreading, mutating some of the animals into grotesque versions of themselves, blood-thirsty and ready to do anything to kill you to escape. You must identify the infected animals and make vaccines to cure them before the parasite spreads out of control and to the wider zoo. Unravel the mysteries of the zoo and save the animals to save yourself, as your choices will ultimately determine your ending. Will you survive the night?


  • Become The Night Zookeeper: Interact with the animals, take care of them, choose and prepare their meals, restock, and clean up after them in the enclosure.
  • Save The Animals!: Something is terribly wrong with the animals. Can you unravel the mysteries of the zoo and save them? You must discover the cause of the infection, create a vaccine, and cure them before it’s too late.
  • Choices Matter: Which animals will you save? How will you cure them? Your decisions will be key to your survival and the ultimate ending of the story.
  • Bodycam Footage: Strap on your bodycam and capture all the terrifying events of the evening. Explore the darkest corners of the zoo with a unique perspective adding a new level of tension and horror to your quest.

The visual concepts for Zoochosis, to me, are amazing and I cannot wait to see how the bulk of the game plays out. Especially if this is what we are seeing for the giraffes in the game and there are so many other horrible things that can go down for the other animals of the zoo. With Q2 rolling in soon, I have a feeling we are going to see a whole lot more of all of this and have even weirder visions of things when we go to the zoos in real life. If anything, Zoochosis will make us look at these long-necked creatures in new and terrifying ways. No longer the gentle herbivores that we all think will end the world by eating all of the leaves out there. That is a fun deep reference for any out there who want to figure that part out.

Are you freaked out by what Zoochosis has given the world so far or will you need to see more? Will we see the other animals mutated to the same level as we have for the giraffes here or will this be the main one that gets all of the work? Will we have an option to just leave on the first night and let the world end by all of these new horrors? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. We will share all that we can for Zoochosis, so please keep on coming back here to see and hear about all of these updates as they come. I am sure there will be all manner of nightmares for us to endure.