The Walking Dead: Destinies Is Making Sure No One Is Dull In The Story

The Walking Dead

A new branch for The Walking Dead: Destinies is teased with a look at how things could have gone differently in The Walking Dead

Things are getting weird again with The Walking Dead: Destinies just before the November 17th launch of the game on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC. Not weird in a bad way, but in a drastically different way that things could have gone as Flux Games sees it all. That is how the latest shift to The Walking Dead story is going with a different path that Shane might have gone down in the story. Given that the TV show did that already from the comics, it is fun to take all of that in and speculate. All of this we can do right now with one more trailer out there from GameMill Entertainment for this title.

The last video we had for The Walking Dead: Destinies was a little out there, which is also the same feel as this one. The only thing is, it could be a little more plausible with this one showing Shane going down the same path as Jack Torrance in The Shining. Except that they are not snowed in fancy hotel and just stuck in the farmhouse by zombies. Although, given the world of The Walking Dead, I could see someone snapping like this. Not to mention Shane doing the snapping and hunting everyone down with an axe. Have a look at it all and see if you think this is something that is going to make it into the final game when the release date does finally come. I will drop my further thoughts on all of this just after that for those who are interested.

The Walking Dead: Destinies — Shane’s Supernatural Adventure

Another one of our early concepts… Let’s just say this one also didn’t quite make the game either. In a world, of chaos, death, and destruction… one man is pushed beyond his limit. Find out in The Walking Dead: Destinies coming 11/17/23.

So, at this point, I feel like these videos are all fluff for The Walking Dead: Destinies and just the most extreme things that could have gone down and not indicative of what will happen in the game. Given that this is pretty much The Shining with characters from the show and some basic attempt and copying the voices over, this is probably all just marketing with the little bits of gameplay sprinkled in. Especially since it looks like in the core gameplay we get to see how The Walking Dead would have played out with Rick dying and Shane living already. Not something that would be quickly undone by the character going crazy like this. Then again, we all could be wrong and the team opted to go with the most outlandish version of everything for a specific run and we need to get ready just for that.

Do you think this is how things would have played out in The Walking Dead or do you think this is all marketing for fun out there? Would you want to see a run of the events with the most outlandish events going down or is it just fun to have these until it launches? What other horror films do you think they would place in here as heavy-handed or will this be the last one with the game launching next week? Wander into the comment section below to discuss all of this and everything else we have going on for the game. We are going to have a lot more to share for The Walking Dead: Destinies, so please keep your eyes peeled here for all of those updates and the many others we can see coming down the pipe in due time.