Super Mario RPG Takes Us Down The Path Of The Gameplay Changes

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More gameplay for Super Mario RPG is here out of the Nintendo Direct to show off what has changed for this remake of Super Mario RPG

The excitement keeps building here as we see even more for the remake for Super Mario RPG. November 17th is not going to get here fast enough so we can dive in and give it all a play on the Switch once more. Not only to have the nostalgia kicked back up for many of us with new visuals but also to see a few new things coming to the game that we wished were in there before. Those getting to experience Super Mario RPG in this way are going to be in for a treat, as it looks like there is more than just the modern visuals and a few little improvements the team wished could have been in the original. Here are some of the new features coming when the game launches out there.

If there is one thing that I know I loved from the original Super Mario RPG, it was the fact that the developers took something gamers did in real life and made it function in the game. That would be the fact that if we hit the buttons on the controller in time with our character's strikes in the game, it hit harder. The myth became a reality in this one and it looks like they are taking it a step further in the remake for Super Mario RPG. It is still in there, but now it will be able to do a strike against all enemies on the screen instead of just the one we are targeting. I have a feeling this will be to a lesser extent but the touch is still in there for those that loved the original bit of gameplay that has carried over all these years.

It also looks as if this will link into a limit break meter in Super Mario RPG too. Fans of any action RPG or RPG, in general, will know this to be something that will unleash a massive attack on the enemies once it is full. In the remake for Super Mario RPG, though, it will have a little bit of an extra bit to it. Here, it will unleash the same kind of attack but with all three of your heroes being part of the attack. With each team line-up changing things up for what the attack does and looks like too. I am guessing that this is to help keep team variety always changing in the game so none of the characters get left behind in the mix. Even if I am sure some of us will find the one that works best and just lean hard into that instead.

Super Mario RPG — Remake Gameplay

Super Mario RPG is releasing for Nintendo Switch on November 17, 2023!

Mario and his teammates are tougher than ever in Super Mario RPG! Use the updated Action Commands to unleash the all-new Triple Moves, where Mario and his party members team up to unleash a unique group attack.

Another change coming to the Super Mario RPG remake is going to be the chance to fight the bosses again in the game. This was never anything I wished I could do before, but it is going to be an option in this remake. An option that will not only have us fighting them again but also make them a bit stronger and change the fight a bit. I remember these fights being a challenge in the first play, so this feels like it will be something for players to do to keep the game going and see what the bosses were actually like in Super Mario RPG. Yes, I feel that the story versions will be downplayed to tell the story and the true challenge will only come when playing in these modes later. It is good for accessibility out there but feels like many will complain about this when the game launches.

What do you think about these new changes coming to Super Mario RPG and will they greatly improve the game as intended? Do you fear that the bosses will be weakening in the core game and the true might will only be seen in these later fights? Will we truly need to change up our roster all the time to get the best attacks or will you find your team and stick with it no matter the case? Head into the comments to talk about all of this and everything else that we have to offer out there in the world. We will have much more for Super Mario RPG in the coming weeks leading up to launch, so please keep on checking in here for all of those updates and many, many more.