The Full Race Is Now Scheduled For Disney Speedstorm


Disney fans can get their engines revving up for the full release of Disney Speedstorm coming soon

These kinds of announcements and the running of Early Access is always so weird, but here we are again with the announcement for the full launch of Disney Speedstorm. A title that many have been experiencing for a while now and getting all manner of fun from as Gameloft continues working on it. A title that has had seasons of content already announced and released, yet here we go with the announcement that the full version of Disney Speedstorm will hit the PS4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC on September 28th. Gods, it feels like this was already the case, but this is the big announcement here.

Yes, some Disney fans have had a chance to experience this racing game, and most still can too, if they so wish. The game is supposed to be a free-to-play title, but there is still the option to buy in on the Founder's Edition of the game and get some extra access right now. Also a few of the other characters many others have to work towards. It is all stated as exclusive content for Disney Speedstorm, but we all know that sooner or later it will just be part of the game. No matter how you slice it, though, we have a final release date on the way for the game and that is the bigger news to take in for now. Well, really the only current news for the game with not much else to share with it.

Gameloft announced that Disney Speedstorm, the cross-platform combat racing game developed by Gameloft Barcelona in collaboration with Disney Games, is scheduled to release on September 28th as a free-to-play experience for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, completing its Early Access period.

From now until September 28th, Disney Speedstorm Founder’s Packs will remain available for purchase. The Founder’s Packs offer players exclusive content now, including multiple limited-time racing suits and kart liveries. All platforms will see special discounts ranging from 20% to 30%, representing a fantastic value of game content.

Disney Speedstorm — Launch Trailer

How have you been feeling about this Disney racing title so far or will you just now be getting into it with the full release date not far off now? Is it odd to have had so much content pumped out for this game up to now and still not have it on an official release state yet? Will all of these updates we have had already keep coming out after the full launch or is it going to slow down and dig further into the free-to-play model we all know already? Take those thoughts into the comment section and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. More for Disney Speedstorm is, hopefully, on the way to us all. Please keep a close eye on the site and our socials to see and hear about it all.