Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors Will Have Us Running Through So Many Battles


One more Pathfinder title is on the way with the announcement for Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors that we have now

We still have a few more things trickling in from the recent PC Gaming Show that went down and this next one is the announcement for Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors. A new video game for the famed tabletop line, only this one is not coming from the team that brought us the many before. This is a new title from BKOM Studios. Not only do we have a different developer looking to bring us more of that Pathfinder fun in our lives on the PC, but it looks like they are going to shake things up a bit more too by giving us all something else to expect in the mix. I hope you are ready for a bullet hell rogue-lite game in the mix…

Yes, all of those are not words I would normally use to describe a Pathfinder title, but that is what we have coming in this one. Here we will get to choose one of three classes and use some of their basic abilities and powers to survive the onslaught of things that are coming our way in Gallowspire. More or less, it sounds like someone took the basic gameplay loop from most rogue-lite titles and slapped on the Pathfinder IP to draw more in. It is, at least, something different to try out there. So there is that going for it all, but it just does not look and feel like something that would normally be going on in the fantasy world that many have grown to love so far.

Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors — Announcement

BKOM Studios and Paizo are excited to announce Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors, a rogue-lite bullet hell survivor game arriving on PC later this year.

Players battle through Gallowspire, the legendary Pathfinder setting, as one of three heroes — and alongside an ally of their choosing — until they face the immortal villain who awaits within. To get there, they must slay hordes of enemies, collect and upgrade an arsenal of powerful spells and weapons, and overcome deadly bosses — while growing stronger with each attempt.

Gallowspire is a legendary tower of darkness in Pathfinder's world of Golarion. Here, the lich-emperor Tar-Baphon, one of Pathfinder’s most ancient and powerful villains, remains sealed away while plotting his dark return. But as the wards that contain him begin to fail, three fearless heroes will rise to the occasion, tasked with venturing into Gallowspire's depths to defeat Tar-Baphon and repair the wards that seal him away.

Reaching Tar-Baphon is no simple task: An endless horde of undead and fiends stand between the hero and their goal — with a diverse array of powers that will challenge the player’s tactics at every turn.

But one victory will not be enough to seal away Tar-Baphon forever: The heroes must face him many times to forestall his return for as long as possible. And when the heroes fall, they rise again, ever stronger… to face Gallowspire's hordes once more, for as long as it takes.


  • Choose Your class: the Fighter, Wizard, or Rogue -- each featuring unique talents, powers, and playstyles.
  • Select a second hero to fight alongside you as a companion character.
  • Run the gauntlet of Gallowspire! Overcome all four sections and their bosses to mark a successful run.
  • Defeat enemies and collect their essence to obtain and upgrade your powers during the run.
  • Earn experience to level up your heroes, and spend talent points to permanently enhance and customize their powers.
  • Collect and spend treasure to unlock permanent upgrades for all your heroes.
  • Complete quests, defeat bosses, and battle the Whispering Tyrant himself.
  • Customize your challenge level across 5 tiers of difficulty. The quest to contain Tar-Baphon is endless!

Having looked at the above trailer and the other basics for Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors, it is also hard to see how this fits into the setting beyond just the names and a few things. Maybe this is just a licensed out title just so another core one could be in the works from the main IP holder? That is my assumption since using different classes and settings would have worked better for this style of game. Like, I don't know, maybe Skulls & Shackles where we are in a Pathfinder world but in a pirate setting. Makes that whole bullet hell thing fit more and we could see wave after wave of pirates and cannons coming at us. Maybe that is just me.

Does all of this fit into the Pathfinder you know out there or could this be a solid mix-up to the formula we did not know we needed? Why do you think we are getting this setting and class of characters when there are others that fit better? Could this all be a smaller title from the publisher just to hold us over until another adventure path is made into a full video game? Take those thoughts and comments down below to discuss. We will keep an eye on Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors moving forward, so be sure to check back for all of those updates. I know we will have many others.