Life In In Our Hands With New Gameplay Out There For SERUM


Get deeper into the gameplay for SERUM with the latest dive we have been given that shows just what the SERUM can do out there

Those that have been waiting for more gameplay to hit for SERUM cannot sit back and sit pretty with a new overview that we have to take in. Game Island is out there offering up not only a new look at the game, but various other mechanical elements that we will have to play with in the mix. That and all during the special event that Toplitz Productions is here to put on for it all. The PC will soon have us all out there surviving and crafting with the best of them if this is anything worth writing home about. Get ready to inject some of that serum into your veins and see just what we are going to have to contend with.

As it all looks, SERUM will keep to the same build, survive, and repeat aspects of many other games like it. The difference being that we will have some extra abilities and powers due to the injection of the titular chemicals into our arms. That will allow us to not only survive and alter the world, but do the same with the other players that may join us all in the mix of things. Nothing makes it easier to hunt and adapt like having superpowers and allies out there. Have a look and see it all in motion for SERUM just a bit lower as we wait for the finer details to emerge from the various gaming showcases that are about to happen out there.

SERUM — Gameplay Overview

SERUM is a survival action-adventure game in which a mysterious liquid determines your life. Courage, time pressure, and your will to survive will define your future. Will you manage to win the race against time, find the serum, and unravel the mysteries and secrets of this eerie world? Your life is in your hands!

Given what we knew of SERUM already, were you really expecting there to be anything different in the mix of it all? What extra abilities do you want to see added into the mix for us here and how will the multiplayer change that up a bit? How harsh will the creatures in the world be to slow us down than we have seen in titles like this before? Head into the comment section below to talk and discuss all of this as you so wish to do. We will add whatever else we are given for SERUM to the site, so please keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more. Things are about to pop off out there for the industry and we know there will be a whole lot more.