Here Is A First Look At The System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition

System Shock

More System Shock is on the way to us all with a first look at the System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition in the works

The full remake is almost here for a different version, but it looks like Nightdive Studios does not want the fun to end with the System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition in the works for us all now. Unlike the other title, this is not a full remake but just a new version of the game on the PC to keep the ball rolling. We only now have to wait for System Shock to come out and then carry the story on a little bit more with this new version of the game. Thankfully, it sounds like there is a little more coming to it all besides just the game getting dropped out there after such a long time from the original release of it all.

The System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is mostly the original title with a few new visual upgrades and all of the best mods that have been integrated into the game over the years. All of them are from the community that has been keeping the game functional and rolling since 1999 when the game first dropped. Get ready to head out there on the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S when it is all ready. For now, though, have a look at the little bit we do have for the System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition to see just what is in the process of getting worked on. Maybe it will change here soon and get a full remake at some point too.

System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition — First Look

System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition was created with the goal of reverse engineering the original code to port SS2 to the KEX Engine and made available on next-generation consoles for the first time.

Nightdive Studios has also partnered with the community to integrate all the best mods and updates.

All cinematics, textures, characters, and weapon models have been updated, and the Co-Op Multiplayer has been overhauled to create a seamless experience.

Are you ready to replay all of the System Shock story again or did you want something new to come from the remake and other elements out there? Could we see a vast visual update to this game down the line or will it be this for the time being? Which of the mods do you think we will see fully integrated into the game and which will be left on the floor for it all? Take to the comment section and feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. We will have more for the System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition to share soon, so please keep checking back in for all of those updates out there.