Diablo IV Opens Up A Bit More About The New Saga


Take a deeper diving into the lore of Diablo with a behind-the-scenes look at the new story coming with Diablo IV

The Diablo IV servers have been slammed and tested, and now we march on to June 6th to see what Hell we are going to go through in the game. It was a bit rough up to now and Blizzard has done a great job getting us ready, and now here we go with a bit more to get us ready for the story of it all. A much darker story than we have had in the past for Diablo, yet one we are still going to want to dive right into. A story that will shake and destroy the world that we know it along with the humans that have been roaming on it. Now, get ready, to head behind the scenes to hear and see slightly more of what we will have on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

This new behind-the-scenes video for Diablo IV offers up a slight recap as to what led us to the place where Lilith is back and what we have to do in the Sanctuary to keep humanity going. More of the complex characters and a look at our protagonist that we only dipped toes in on with the betas lately. Not to mention some of the other factions and groups that have formed in the years since the events of the last Diablo title. Those angels and demons have been up to things and waging their wars with humans as pawns. I know we will have more in the full story of it all, but this is a great prepping video for those that need to get ready for the darkest story to come from the IP.

Diablo IV — Inside The Game: A New Saga

With complex characters and a brutal setting, Diablo IV ushers in a bold new saga to Hell.

Learn more about the events unfolding in Sanctuary and the part you will play.

Are you ready to take on this new and dark story for Diablo or will it go too far for your tastes? Will there be a solid character twist in the game that will save or destroy all of the plots in the game? Would you want to side with one or the other supernatural beings or are you going to be the savior of the filthy humans out there? Take those thoughts and discussions down to the comment section and go wild. There is more to come for Diablo IV, so please keep checking in on the site for those updates and many others we have for other games too.