Ghostwire: Tokyo Is Spinning A New Web For Another Platform


A new update for Ghostwire: Tokyo is on the way to us all as we get ready to see Ghostwire: Tokyo land on the Xbox systems

The updates are always flowing out there for Ghostwire: Tokyo and on April 12th it looks like we are getting one more out there. A new and free update from Tango Gameworks that will be adding a whole lot of new content to the world. All with the usual new enemies and skills for us to fight and use in Ghostwire: Tokyo along with a new location filled with all of that and a new challenge that will have us navigating a thirty-stage gauntlet in the world. All on the PS5 and PC as we have seen for all of the DLC up to now too. As long as you are okay waiting a few weeks after getting it added in on the PlayStation Plus side of things soon.

Which, speaking of, it also looks like that exclusivity for Ghostwire: Tokyo on the PlayStation will be going away on the same date this update drops. Yes, it looks as if Bethesda will be able to offer up this title to the new business daddy out there soon. That is, Ghostwire: Tokyo will finally be available for those who want to play the game on the Xbox Series X|S with Xbox Game Pass, you will have that option on April 12th too. It only took a bit of time and we could all see it coming. We just now have the full details and announcement for it all to keep us all excited out there.

Ghostwire: Tokyo — Spider’s Thread Update

On April 12, Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks will launch a free update to the critically acclaimed, super-natural action game Ghostwire: Tokyo with an all-new game mode, new areas to explore, extended story cutscenes, quality-of-life improvements, and more for current and future owners on PlayStation 5 and PC.

In addition, the updated and expanded version will launch with Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC. The new content and gameplay modes included in the Spider’s Thread update will offer the most complete version of Tango’s spooky Tokyo from day 1 on Xbox and PC with Xbox Game Pass.

New Spider’s Thread Game Mode

In addition to the main game, the Spider’s Thread game mode tasks players to navigate a 30-stage gauntlet selected from over 120 hand-crafted levels with one simple goal: get to the end. As players clear challenges and complete stages, they will unlock more skills and earn in-game currency to spend on upgrades.

Explore New Areas and Uncover More Story

The Spider’s Thread update adds new locations to visit in the ghost-riddled streets of supernatural Tokyo, including the local Middle School area. These new locations come with new missions for players to take on and uncover more mysteries. The main game’s story will also feature extended cutscenes, granting players a deeper look into the plot as they play through Akito & KK’s adventure to stop the menacing Hannya from destroying Tokyo.

Face New Enemies with New Skills

Dangerous new Visitors arrive to Tokyo in the Spider’s Thread update, like the invisible Silent Gaze or elusive Retribution. To defeat these new enemies, Akito will receive new skills including, Charge Rush and devastating Counter Attack.

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s free Spider’s Thread update will be available on April 12 for all Ghostwire: Tokyo players. Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC and arrives on Xbox Series X|S and PC with Xbox Game Pass on April 12.

Have you been waiting for Ghostwire: Tokyo to land on the Xbox to give it all a go or did you think it was going to be only the PC and PlayStation gamers that would have a go? What new ghosts do you suspect we will see in the mix and will they be truly terrifying? Will we see more updates to the game and will they keep the same model for the price? Tell us all of your thoughts about all of this down in the comment section while letting the discussion flow out there. We will keep the updates for Ghostwire: Tokyo coming at you, so please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we can share along the way.