TRON: Identity Takes Us Into The Grid With Some New Gameplay


Gameplay for TRON: Identity is here to get us ready to enter back into the world of TRON next month

The announcement of TRON: Identity hit us all fairly strong when it dropped at D23 last year. It was a nice little thing to be teased with from Bithell Games but left many of us all wanting more to get further excited for. That is still something many of us were hoping for and now it looks like we have a look at how this will drag us all further into the TRON universe once more. Most likely not in the way you have been looking for or waiting for when it drops on the PC and Switch on April 11th here. Just a few weeks until there will be many heading into the Grid once more for the IP.

Here we get a look at how this will be way more of the visual novel style of games than many of the TRON fans out there would have been hoping for. It is not a huge shock for those that heard the original announcement, but it is a little shocking to see that it will be that and with a whole lot of standard gameplay visuals. That is, the scenes look to have full 3D characters and slight motion to it all but will stay motionless while we read and choose the paths we will go down. An odd choice when TRON: Identity could have gone down a different path, but it is what we are getting here soon. Have a gander at it all a little lower and see how it will have a basic loop with many other elements that feel like it could have been a vastly different title along the way.

TRON: Identity — Gameplay

TRON: Identity launches April 11, 2023, for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Something has been taken. Enter a new Grid and forge alliances via visual novel gameplay, uncovering truths through Identity Disc puzzles. Make critical decisions and plot your own course in a world without a creator.

TRON: Identity is a visual novel adventure following Query, a detective program tasked with uncovering the mystery of what was taken and by whom. Finding yourself in a world built on unstable foundations and filled with whispered knowledge, it’s up to you to question suspects and investigate your surroundings to piece together the truth.

The decisions you make will actively influence the story, with a multitude of possible outcomes, good and bad – all depending on your carefully chosen words. You’ll interact with a number of intriguing characters, and decide whether to ally with them, spurn them, or even derezz them. However you choose to deal with them, you’ll need to recover their lost memories in your search for answers, puzzling your way through defragging Identity Discs. The world of TRON is growing, and your adventure is the seed.


  • A New Extension Of The TRON Franchise - Unlock a never-before-seen server filled with new, original programs to join forces with or oppose.
  • Beautiful, Hand-Crafted Character Art - Watch the story come to life through detailed, uniquely designed characters.
  • Rich World-Building & Storytelling - In a brand-new Grid with its own nuanced structure, there is much to discover about the programs and places around you.
  • Reveal Memories - The truth of the case is hidden in the Identity Discs of those around you. Defrag their Discs to navigate the complex path to a solution in these unique puzzles.
  • One Mystery, Many Endings - Your choices will determine the outcome you see, with a protagonist that lets you take the reins and doesn’t corner you into one approach.
  • Developed By The Award-Winning Team Behind Thomas Was Alone & Subsurface Circular - Brought to you by a team steeped in sci-fi stories, we are incredibly excited to share this game with you.

Did you think this was going to be a different TRON title before now or was this about what you were expecting since the original announcement? Is it a weird call to offer up some high-end visuals while giving us a visual novel or will that make the experience a better one? How do you think this will fit into the grander story out there or will it be its own isolated thing here? Go ahead and let us all know what you are thinking about all of this down in the comment section. If we get anything further to share for TRON: Identity, know that we will do our best to share it all here. Please keep checking in for all of that and everything else that we can toss to the world out there.