Katamari Forever

As a PS3 exclusive, Katamari Forever is the latest in the popular, but often underrated, Katamari Damacy series. Once again the cosmos are in danger as the King of All Cosmos has fallen into a coma. In his absence the very stars begin to disappear from the night sky. Our only chance is the Prince and his impeccable Katamari rolling abilities.

Katamari Forever stays true to the series as gamers will roll together all manner of everyday items. Starting with smaller objects like flowers and toys, players will eventually grow to add animals, people, cars, buildings and so forth. Being the first installment of the series on the Playstation 3, Katamari Forever will bring a host of features. The game will have the largest stages and game modes. The soundtrack will also contain the largest track list of any Katamari game and will include remixes to classic Katamari music. Visually the game will appear in full 1080p resolution with several graphic filters that change the visual the style of the game. Among them are a wood grain filter and cel-shaded filter.

Personally, I’m a fan of the Katamari series. The Katamari games are easily the most overlooked titles because of their simplicity and their visual styles. However, in terms of a consistent level of quality, Katamari is right up there with most of the Triple A titles on the shelves. The idea of the gameplay where you’re simply rolling a ball around and mashing all sorts of things together and seeing it grow and grow and grow might sound boring and repetitive, but there’s such an experience in playing these games that they’re anything but. The music and the visual style creates such an ambiance that is rarely seen and combined with the simplicity of the gameplay, it’s easy to see just why fans of the series are so passionate.