Pikmin 4 Is On The Way To Us All This Summer


The next Pikmin title is on the way and it looks as if Pikmin 4 could be in our homes before the end of this July

It feels like it has been a while since Nintendo gave us a new Pikmin title. Not only that, but it feels like it has been a long time since we had the last Nintendo Direct too. That all seems to be changed as of yesterday (2/8) when we had the latest live stream and the full showing of Pikmin 4. The next in the line on the way to the Switch. Also, the next one is on the way to us all on July 21st of this year. A nice little double-whammy when it all comes about and something for us fans to keep a solid eye out for. If you are into the shepherding of these weird creatures and trying to go through the loop to get out of the world.

In addition to the showing off of Pikmin 4, we have a whole lot of new gameplay to show how the visuals have advanced and the game loop looks to be about the same. This time with a bit of a shake-up by adding in a new type out there for us. We are getting Ice Pikmin in the new game. All to work into the water mechanics again so we do not only need to ride the dog that we have in the mix to get across. More or less, it does look like these new ones will function just as we thought but with a new element type. Maybe we will have more in the coming weeks so we do not need to just find out in July.

Pikmin 4 — Announcement

Chart a mysterious planet with curious plantlike Pikmin that come in different types in Pikmin 4—like the brand-new Ice Pikmin! The capable canine, Oatchi, will also help to overcome big challenges.

Did you think it was about time for us to get another Pikmin title in the mix? Will we only have the Ice Type as a new one or is this just the only one that we have announced as a new one at this time? Is it odd to have the Ice ones announced but still see that we have other ways to get across water areas? Head to the comment section and tell us your thoughts. I will keep an eye out for more on Pikmin 4 to bring you. Until then, keep reading all of the other content we have to share out there on the site.