The Last Of Us Shows Off A Bit More On How The World Was Built

The Last Of Us

The next behind-the-scenes for The Last Of Us is here to show how the game and the live-action The Last Of Us went about building the world

The episodes for The Last Of Us keep rolling out, with us getting another one a bit early on Friday this week, and then all of the new behind-the-scenes looks at things again. The last part is why were are back once more this week for all of this. Naughty Dog has offered up one more look at the game and show to give us a better feel for how they both crafted the world we have been enthralled to. That and one more thing to carry us to the next episode and the PC launch for The Last Of Us Part I if you have opted to not just dive into the PS5 version already. We all have our preferences, personalities, and choices in the end. Something that is truly reflected in the setting of the IP once we learn a bit more.

That last part there is a bit of a cheeky way to touch on what has gone on for The Last Of Us in all of its forms. It is no stretch of the imagination that the worlds we are going into here have been crafted in specific ways to highlight the tone of the environment and add to the story. Something that the blue tinges of the QZs out there and the various other areas that we see Ellie and Joel making it to. Not the first IP to ever do this, but the teams involved certainly feel like they have figured out a way to perfect it all. Then you mix in the fact that the locations we get to go to or see in The Last Of Us have all been tailored to feel like real places and not just general sets. All to give the world more of a personality than just a setting. I mean, think about how different your home is compared to someone else's and how much story could be told just on decor and layout. All of this is something we might take for granted, but it is highlighted here.

The Last Of Us — Episode 3: Cruel World

The Last Of Us introduces players to a post-pandemic world full of humans and Infected trying to endure and survive. With the intention of showcasing that world through the eyes of Joel and Ellie, members of the Naughty Dog team discuss their approach to revealing the state of this world and its inhabitants, primarily through the lens of The Last Of Us’ iconic locations, the Boston QZ and Bill’s Town. Members of the Naughty Dog team discuss the artistic, animation, and creative approaches to building and defining these spaces, what they mean for the play experience, and more. Plus, members of The Last Of Us on HBO’s creative team and cast discuss the adaptation of The Last Of Us to live-action, including its faithfulness to the original game, as well as how the TV show offers new insight into The Last Of Us’ characters and locations.

The Last Of Us Part I is now available on PS5.

The Last Of Us Part I is available for pre-purchase on PC for release on March 28, 2023, via Steam.

Have you ever noticed things like this before The Last Of Us or is this a new revelation in storytelling you might have missed before? How fine of detail do you think they need to go into here to sell it all or could a few things be glossed over but still give us the same feelings? Will this change how you look at the rest of the IP moving forward or will it make you go back to hunt for all the little things to see the level of work the team did out there? Sound off in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all until we have the next big episode drop. There will be a whole lot more for The Last Of Us in all of its forms, so please keep checking back here for all of those updates and everything else we can offer up to you.