MADiSON VR Is On The Way To Terrify Us All A Whole Lot More


The horror title, MADiSON, is coming back at us all once more with the announcement of MADiSON VR

If you have been able to overcome your fears and terrors that the horror title MADiSON brought us all, get ready to face those fears once more. Not just with a new version of the game, but in a new VR experience that Bloodious Games and Perp Games are currently putting out there into the world. It is not anything that is going to be very soon, but here we go with the announcement for MADiSON VR for the various VR platforms and the upcoming PSVR2 headset that will be out there in the world soon too. All manner of terror and right in your face/eyes as some of these titles should truly be out there for us.

There is not much more to talk about beyond the fact that MADiSON VR is now on the way, but the following video gives us a little bit to look at. More or less, it looks a lot like the FPS title we have had already, but optimized for the VR setting. This could change once we get some true footage and looks at the game, but based on what we have to see and hear for now, it is just going to be a similar experience just more in-your-face. Not that MADiSON was not already in our faces and causing night terrors in the first place. We will just have more that will be harder to escape unless we want to throw our expensive hardware across the room instead of just powering through it all.

MADiSON VR — Announcement

Join Alexis from Bloodious Games as he announces that his terrifying psychological horror game MADiSON is coming to VR platforms with MADiSON VR.

Have you been looking to play a title like MADiSON in a VR space or will this be too intense for you and many others out there? Could this be a whole new experience and not just the based game altered to fit and work with the new hardware? When do you suspect we are going to be able to see more for the game or even the final version of it all? Head to the comment section and let those thoughts and discussions flow out there. We will have whatever we can grab for MADiSON VR on the site, so please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we can get to you.