Get Ready For Some Big Fireworks With This Track In Disney Speedstorm


A new track for Disney Speedstorm is revealed with a solid look at how Disney’s Mulan will have one inspired by it

The race to greatness is kicking off with a look at a new track coming in Disney Speedstorm inspired by one of the many IPs out there that the team can pull from. Given that Gameloft has been given a whole lot of free reign here, it makes sense that we will see not only the characters but also tracks we will be racing them on come from various IPs too. Here, we get a good look at one that is on the way from Disney's Mulan that will give us all an explosive race each time. Yes, there are many fireworks jokes in here and you can probably assume why that is going to be the case. It is the stereotype that we get to lean in on here…

Here we get to see The Great Wall track for Disney Speedstorm in all of its wonder. A wonder for the game and not something truly based on the world's wonder. It has all of the same basic twists and turns we have seen from so many racing titles in the past, just with the animated Chinese filter over it all. Just in time for the holiday, sure, but it does not give a great feel for how the races in Disney Speedstorm are going to feel once we actually dive into them all. Maybe we will get to ride on some of the walls as it looks like, but the only true highlight I see is that there will be some rail grinding between Mulan and Shang.

Disney Speedstorm — Race To Greatness On The Great Wall Track

Get ready for wall-to-wall racing action on the Mulan-inspired track “The Great Wall.”

How do you feel about this track inspired by Disney's Mulan and does it capture the true feel of it all for you? What other IPs do you think will get a full track to race on and will some be too massive for us to undertake? Could there be ways to drive on walls in the game or is that just an odd design choice to make it feel like we should be able to do that? Go ahead and tell us all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. There will be more for Disney Speedstorm, certainly, so please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else that can be offered up to you.