Sanctus Is Revealed & Going To Take Us Down Another Dark Path Of Humanity


Another dark horror title, Sanctus, has been revealed and it looks like Sanctus will follow some dark times in history

Those dark minds over at Madmind Studio are at it all again only this time it looks like we might be seeing the other die of the coin when it comes to things as they reveal Sanctus. This is the next tile in their line of titles for the PC that will be focused around the Christian mythologies out there, Agony and Succubus, only this one will focus more on the human element. In fact, Sanctus is looking to focus more on the Inquisition and all of the horrible things they did in the name of their god. All while giving us a heroine to root for and many other dark puzzles to solve along the way. All wrapped up in a nice package of a very mature game.

It can be hard to see in the reveal trailer for Sanctus, but in the game, we will be playing as Anna who has opted to become a nun in the 14th century. Not something that would normally come off as dark, until you realize that in this secluded monastery, the powers that be do not want to lose power and will allow all manner of horrible things to happen to the nuns in the name of their god. This is where Sanctus will add in the Stealth, Executions, Dialog, and Puzzles for us to solve along the way so Anna can try to get out on top in some way. All while highlighting parts of human history that I am sure some would rather us all ignore going forward. Have a look and see what it is all about.

Sanctus — Reveal

Sanctus is a game from the TPP segment, containing logic puzzles and stealth elements. The presented story will be kept in the convention of drama and horror with erotic elements.

The game is set in the second half of the 14th century in one of the Polish monasteries. Set on a small island, the building seems to be a place detached from the rest of the world.

The main character, Anna, is a young woman who decides to enter a monastery. The young nun soon realizes that the convent holds many dark secrets.

The inquisitors who visit the place use their position to abuse, torture, and humiliate the young nuns in the name of expelling sin.

The Mother Superior, who runs the order, reluctantly agrees to this treatment of her charges, due to fear of losing her power and exclusion from the church.

Main Features:

  • Stealth & Execution System
  • Extensive Dialogue System
  • Interactions With Items & Mini-Games
  • Combat System Based On Melee Weapons
  • Solving Riddles & Puzzles

Were you able to make it through the reveal for Sanctus that we have here or was it a little dark for your tastes? Do you think that we will have some real-world elements added in here or will it all be based on things that most likely happened? Will we be able to make it out of this ordeal alive or will the end of the story take a truly dark twist for us all? Feel free to comment and discuss down below with what you are thinking here. We will have much more for Sanctus in the coming months, so please keep checking in for it if it is something you are interested in.