Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Breaks Our Minds With The First Gameplay

Sherlock Holmes

The first gameplay for the Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened remake is here to show how dark this Sherlock Holmes tale is going to go now

We were teased, it was funded, and now we are here with some of the first gameplay for the Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened remake that is on the way. A little bit I did not expect to see turned around so fast from Frogwares since the project started. It is not an easy task to rebuild a whole game from 2006 from the ground up, yet here we are. Even if it is still something early in the cycle for this remake for Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened. It is still slated for Q1 of 2023 to hit all of the platforms out there, so it has to be full-steam ahead and the first look here definitely proves that is the case.

As you will be able to see below, this remake for Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened leans a bit heavier into the third-person action we have seen from the past titles the developer has given us. All while upping the darkness and creep factor of the Cthulhu mythos that is added in for the extra horror. All to continue the young Sherlock Holmes story that we have seen from them too. Not to mention the usual puzzle-solving and investigations that the characters are known for. That would be a little odd if it was not in there and we just had the character going through all manner of terror for no real reason. It would be odd to me, at least, to have a look and see where the team currently has everything in the mix for us all.

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened — First Gameplay

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened is a Cthulhu meets Sherlock Holmes detective horror adventure. The game acts as a continuation of young Sherlock’s story with Holmes and Watson undertaking their first major case together.

An Eldritch god-obsessed cult is making moves in the shadows to bring about a world-altering prophecy and it’s up to the young detective duo to thwart their plans. This is a creative take on what horror-filled and reality-breaking events could have met our heroes at such a crucial point in their lives to go on and shape them into the characters we all know they become. Delve into the trauma and fear that cements their friendship for good and the revelations that break Sherlock’s mind to create the flawed and haunted genius he is destined to be.

Originally released in 2006, The Awakened is a full remake and substantial rewrite being rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up to run in Unreal Engine 4.

Would it be weird to have Sherlock Holmes just in this setting for no reason or should we see more stories that go down that path? Is there more action in this version of the game or is it what the original title wanted to do but could not due to tech limitations? Will this actually all be a supernatural tale or will it be shown to be another drug-induced event instead? Sound off down in the comments and then discuss it all until the game launches. More for Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened is going to be coming, for sure, so please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we have to offer up along the way.