Now Is The Time The Coven Is Charging Forward For Bayonetta 3


Bayonetta is everywhere in the latest gameplay we have before the launch of Bayonetta 3

The final weeks of waiting for Bayonetta 3 are upon us all now. October 28th is almost here and we will be able to get into our witchy ways once more when the game launches. This is an interesting thing to say and see here, with the latest gameplay that is out there for the game from Platinum Games. A new bit of gameplay that is looking to highlight the massive coven, of sorts, that we will have at hand in Bayonetta 3. Even as it all boils down to us heading out and killing all of the demons and angels that we can set our guns upon. There is no doubt that this is not a weird IP to take in for those that are just now joining in on it all.

In the classic Bayonetta style of things, this new gameplay is a little all over the place while still showing off some of the core features we will have. The combat looks to be about the same with the mixing of melee and gunplay around it all. All with the bigger combos offering up some new and old magical attacks to end out on. It does look like we will have times when the different versions will cross over here, but it is hard to say with how the video is edited out here. We will know for certain in a few weeks. For now, you can have a look at the latest for Bayonetta 3 just a bit lower down and see just where it is all going to go from here.

Bayonetta 3 — Bayonettas Everywhere?!

Fight your way through the streets of Tokyo, the mountains of China, and many other locales! Along the way, you’ll meet a virtual coven of Bayonettas, each more fabulous than the last. You’ll also slash and slay as Viola, a feisty witch in training who fights with a sword and a capricious companion, the demon Cheshire. Find out what fate awaits Bayonetta, and if this arcane alliance can really save reality!

Bayonetta 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch on 10/28!

Have you been excited to get back into the Bayonetta gameplay since the last one came out? Is it odd to see the various versions of the character in the mix of things here? Do you think we will ever get to see the game jump back onto the other platforms that helped bring the original idea to life? You can answer all of those questions down in the comments if you so wish to. I will offer up more for Bayonetta 3 when I have more to share with you all. Please keep coming back to the site to see all of that and anything that the rest of the team has to offer up to you all.