Jazz Things Up A Bit With Some New Mods For Metal: Hellsinger


Our Hellsinger is going to be slaying demons to some new music in Metal: Hellsinger with the latest update

It is a little shocking that this close to the launch of Metal: Hellsinger that we are getting a massive update for the game now. Not just some quality of life things or slight changes that most will never truly see, but an update that The Outsiders is adding in to allow us to change things up in the game further. At least if you are playing Metal: Hellsinger on the PC at this point since this is the only platform seeing it at that point. Given that this is more of a way to mod the game than anything, it makes sense. As long as you want to swap out the metal music for something else like Jazz or Disco instead.

Yes, this new update adds in some modding for Metal: Hellsinger that will let you swap out the music you are listening to while slaying all of the demons out there. Normally this would be something we would see way down the line of the lifecycle for a game like this, but we are barely a few weeks out from the launch and here we are. All with the tools added in too for us to use. Sure, that does mean that there will be a bit more work for you to get in there and experience Metal: Hellsinger in a different way, but it is most likely going to have loads listed out there soon now. I will argue that it does not look like it is going to flow as well when looking at the following Jazz trailer, but maybe that could just be the fact that we have been primed with Metal for now. Although, maybe this will also allow us to swap in other songs along the line too…

Metal: Hellsinger — Music Modding

Tear through the Hells with a swing in your step. Play Metal: Hellsinger to endless variety with music mods, available now on PC.

Publisher Funcom and developer The Outsiders are thrilled to put creative power into the hands of players, allowing them to create their own music for the game on PC. Face the hordes of hell with a swing in your step in today’s jazzy modding trailer.

This trailer shows only a glimpse of what is possible. Modding brings immense potential, and music in Metal: Hellsinger goes beyond affecting the mood and feel of the game, being firmly plugged into the gameplay and entire experience. With the modding tool, players can layer their music and make it react to the player’s performance.

For the willing player, Metal: Hellsinger can now become K-Pop, country, EDM, disco, classical, rap, reggae – the list goes on! Modder-musicians are invited to push the boundaries of good demon-slaying motivation.

Have you been wanting to swap out the music in Metal: Hellsinger up to now or did you think this was going to be an update further down the line? How soon do you think it will be before the community just starts dropping packages out there and making the tools mostly useless for the masses? Do you think this is going to mean that the console gamers will see some form of packaged DLC down the line or will they try to get the modding in there somehow too? Give us all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to. More for Metal: Hellsinger is most likely going to be on the way to us all, so be sure to keep checking in here for that. Now I just sit and wait for the full GWAR mod to flow out there now.