Layers Of Fears Is Giving Us All One More Final Note To Take In

Layers Of Fears

A new trailer for Layers Of Fears was shown during TGS this year and it gives us all a few more visuals to look at for Layers Of Fears

It looks like while we were out, a new trailer for Layers Of Fears was dropped out there during the most recent TGS that took place. It happens and that is why we are here to bring it to you in case you missed it. I am sure that Bloober Team would not want you to miss out on a new look at the game before it hits the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC next year. That and miss out on a new take for Layers Of Fears with this version of the trailer dubbed in Japanese. This reads to me that we might have many other localization options coming our way if this is more than just a way to present it to the crowds they were in front of at the time. Something that is always a possibility when it comes to updates like this.

Sadly, there is not much else that we get to take away from Layers Of Fears here in this trailer beyond getting a new way to experience some of the darkness in the game. All as we get to see the Artist's Wife go through some of the horrors in the house that we saw before. There is a little bit of a tease at the end here with a new location coming in for Layers Of Fears with a lighthouse, but it is hard to understand with the language barrier here and what little the team is offering up so far. That last part is a good thing, since I know I am hoping that this game will lean more into the story of things and not leave it in the background in the hopes we all find it and understand why things are happening the way they are. Maybe it is just me, but I am not a fan of having to find the story in these games by reading pages and pages of documents scattered around.

Layers Of Fears — The Final Note

Bloober Team and Anshar Studios are thrilled to share the Japanese version of their recent trailer, “The Final Note”, ahead of Tokyo Game Show. This trailer is focused on one of the completely new storylines they have created exclusively for Layers Of Fears. This revised take on the complete horror chronicle of Layers of Fear will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC in early 2023. Layers Of Fears aims to unify and deepen the overarching stories connecting Layers Of Fear and Layers Of Fear 2, whilst also expanding on the story fans have come to know and love with original new chapters.

The Final Note chapter focuses on a character that fans of the series have long waited to know more about. That’s right, this new chapter will allow players to take control of the Painter’s Wife, a devastated musician whose side of the story we are yet to hear in its entirety, providing a new perspective behind the family’s tragedy.

But that’s not all; those with keen eyes might have been able to spot an enigmatic lighthouse at the end of the trailer. This is a brief tease of a new location that will help link together the stories of the first and second games, diving deeper into how these seemingly separate events are in fact intertwined, sharing a canvas in the masterpiece that is the Layers of Fear universe.

Did you spot much more in this trailer for Layers Of Fears or was it only the elements that were painted out there? Do you think this is a sign that the game will be localized into many other areas or was it just a fun way to share the trailer in another language that the team is not fully up to speed on? What do you think will be going on in the new location of all of this or will it be just where this wife has been the whole time? Feel free to discuss it all and leave your comments just below. We are keeping watch for more on Layers Of Fears and when we get more, it will be on the site for you as soon as we can do it. Please keep checking back in for all of that and much more as we get ever closer to the end of the development cycle.