Set Off For Adventure & Horror With The Latest Gameplay For Gord


New and extended gameplay for Gord is finally here to walk us through some of the basics of Gord and some of the bigger features we can expect at launch

It is time to get comfortable and ready to dive right into a whole lot more for Gord that we have. Here we go with sixteen minutes of new gameplay where Stan Just from Covenant walks us all through the basics we can expect to experience and how some of the combat will function in the game. There is a whole lot more to Gord than expected for the basic RTS-style of gameplay we knew was coming too. All of which looks like it is going to be scratching those itches many PC gamers might have been looking for as of late. Even if we have to wait longer to get it all.

Here we get to see how we will build up our settlements in Gord and need to make sure we have as many different buildings out there as possible. Thankfully, to do all of this, we will be able to put any of our villagers to task on it at any time. No need to have special units that are set just to do these tasks, even if some will be able to do it all better and faster. Just a bit like in the real world. Which is always good to have so we are never truly left in the lurch when it comes to building and praising the gods in Gord. Given that the latter one will be used to generate miracles we can call down, it is nice to make sure we can also put all of our reserved fighters to this too so we do not have them just mill around.

Beyond all of that, Gord will have more of a sanity and kin system built into the game that will tie into everything else we have to do in the mix. This will affect the stats and abilities of the thousands of characters we will have to experience in the game and make them a little more linked than just minions to be sent off to their doom. I would be curious to see if there is any bigger benefit to sending out kinned characters that will have them fight harder or push on longer in Gord or if it will be limited to getting sad and crazy if your kin is killed out there. We will just have to wait a little longer to get all of that, I guess.

Gord — 16-Minutes Of Gameplay

Team17 and Covenant have released brand-new gameplay for the upcoming single-player dark fantasy strategy game, Gord. Narrated by Stan Just, Game Director of Gord and CEO of Covenant, the 16-minute video introduces Gord’s grim and unforgiving world, its unique take on the strategy genre, and the rich proto-Slavic roots that serve as the inspiration for its horrifying creature design and deep lore.

In the video, Just introduces Gord’s unique gameplay blend of city building, community management, and player-driven adventure mechanics while examining the wealth of choice players will have during each playthrough of the game’s campaign, and the fully configurable ‘Custom Scenarios’ mode. He also showcases some of the structures players can build, and how settlements (known in-game as ‘Gords’) can be customized with a range of different buildings, such as a combat training facility to access more well-equipped units, and a temple to increase their magical abilities. Just also discusses Gord’s focus on personal stories, explaining how each citizen’s unique personality, attributes, and actions can directly influence player decisions and the long-term social dynamics of their community.

The new gameplay also explores Gord’s satisfying real-time combat, showing Just clearing a creature-ridden swamp using an arsenal of brutal melee weapons and powerful incantations with gruesome results.

In Gord, players will lead the Tribe of the Dawn as they strive to establish new settlements and explore eerie forbidden lands while interacting with horrific creatures and deities inspired by Slavic folklore. Players will have to complete quests to grow the tribe’s gords and fortify these from invaders while managing a populace whose personal stories, familial ties, and well-being, can have a devastating impact on the survival of their communities.

Key Features:

  • Dark Fantasy Strategy: Lead the people of the Tribe of the Dawn and venture deep into forbidden lands in a lore-rich, dark fantasy, a real-time strategy campaign
  • Build And Survive: Grow your gord from humble settlement to formidable fortress while protecting your citizens from invading tribes, gruesome monsters, and mysterious powers that lurk within the surrounding woods
  • Unique Sanity System: Keep a close eye on your townsfolk as everything from illness to hunger and the death of kin can have a devastating impact on their lives and well-being
  • Hand-Crafted Quests: Take on a wide variety of quests and random encounters that will lead you deep into the wilderness to hunt legendary creatures, uncover ancient secrets, and vanquish deadly scourges
  • Unleash Powerful Incantations: Unlock a variety of offensive and defensive spells to tip combat in your favor
  • Custom Scenarios With Procedurally Generated Levels: Take on an endless variety of challenges by creating your own scenarios. Customize your playthrough by picking a main objective, choosing your starting party, level size, number of resources, enemy types, raid intensities, and even the severity of the weather!

Are you more excited to get to experience what Gord has to offer up or will you need more to get there? Do you think these systems will be more involved than explained here or will it be about what we are told here? Do you like the fact that we can put anyone in the village to task or do you think part of the challenge is managing those resources too? Feel free to let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. There will be much more for Gord along the way, so please keep checking in here for all of those updates and everything else we can share out there.