Layers Of Fears Is Further Reimagining Horror Out There Next Year

Layers Of Fears

Layers Of Fears is offer up a new trailer to show how Layers Of Fears has progressed and will be shaking things up for the genre

It feels like a new kind of horror could be on the way to us all with Layers Of Fears. That is based on the taglines that Bloober Team has had out there for the game but also the way things are starting to look here out of Gamescom. Yes, this means we have a new trailer for Layers Of Fears to show off a bit of the story and just how it is all going to be fully upgraded to make things more of a scream-fest than we had with the previous titles in the IP. Even if it is all starting to feel like a solid remake just for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC at this point here. That is just based on how little that has been out there so far, though.

As you can see in the following video we have for Layers Of Fears, the team is leaning into trying to get things looking a bit more photorealistic with UE5 and all of the new features that engine is starting to perfect. It also looks and sounds like we will be playing around with the Painter's Wife here and that music might play a larger role in the game this time. That is if we go with all of the piano talk here and how it felt like it was supposed to play a larger role originally too. I am sure that we will not find out until Layers Of Fears launches, but that is going to be a good thing. That way we can make sure all of the frights are well-earned and not just a bunch of humans pretending to be scared for your entertainment.

Layers Of Fears — Gamescom 2022

“The Final Note” - a brand-new story chapter, designed exclusively for the psychedelic horror chronicle of Layers Of Fears and featuring the Painter’s Wife as the playable protagonist!

Created with the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5 technology, the game will support Ray Tracing, HDR effect, 4K resolution, and make use of the Lumen system to offer the most immersive and visceral horror experience.

Layers Of Fears will be the complete, definitive and at the same time unpredictable way to discover the stories of artists enslaved by their obsessions. Prepare for an exquisite horror experience thanks to the expanded plot lines that will cast a new light on the overarching narrative.

Your Fears Will Return - stay tuned for more details!

Do you think Layers Of Fears is going to be more than a reimagining of the previous title with a different character or will it be something truly new as we all want? How scary will it be if they can keep the look feeling more realistic than the previous titles were able to do? How do you think music will play into all of this or will it just be something in the background to push the narrative a bit more? Tell us all what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. More will be on the way for Layers Of Fears, so be sure to keep an eye here for it all. Unless you are too scared to do that for now.