Here Is How You Will Make All Of That F-U Money In Saints Row

Saints Row

Another gameplay breakdown for Saints Row is out there to show us just what we will need to do when Saints Row launches

There have been various deep dives into the gameplay for Saints Row up to now and we have tried to share as many as we can. Some of them have been for the various criminal elements that Volition is bringing back to us and others that they are giving us all for the first time. Hells, we have had plenty of time to even see how customizable that Saints Row is going to be out there with the Boss Maker demo. Now, though, we have what feels like the final dive into the game loops given that we will see it on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on August 23rd. If we can all wait that long at the very least.

While what we have now for Saints Row is not just a full recycling of the footage from the past, there is quite a bit out there that we already know and have seen before. Each of the Saints shows off how they will lend to the various criminal empires we are building and there will be a massive focus on customization, but we do get a better look at the various factions in Saints Row that we will have to deal with along the way. From cop-type to wasteland role-players out there, it seems like it will run the full gamut of individuals that we will have to take on. All in the normal manner that these games have given us over the years. Just with us truly starting out at the bottom and working up to become the true boss we normally should be.

Saints Row — Gameplay Overview

Check out the latest news straight outta Santo Ileso — and we are working our way from the ground up! You and your friends are about to form, not just any old street gang, but an institution.

Explore the ultimate Sinners’ playground, where nothing comes for free. Learn more about the Factions you’ll have to quell to succeed — Los Panteros, The Idols, Marshall Defence Technologies, and another, slightly wilder faction we haven’t talked about yet.

Flanked by Neenah, Eli, and Kevin you’ll build your HQ, notoriety, and criminal standing in the city as you rise to power. Push your luck, get involved and get your mitts on Saints Row on August 23!

Did you learn anything new from this new video for Saints Row or is it all the same content just with some new packaging? Could this all be to keep the inner story of the game a bit more obfuscated or will it just be the open-world wasteland we expect it to be? Will we be able to unite all of the factions out there or will we have to pick and choose along the way? Go ahead and sound off in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. We will have all that we can for Saints Row on the site up to and beyond the launch. Just keep a sharp eye out there so you do not miss anything that they are willing to send our way.