Unawake Will Be Walking Us Into A New Dystopian Apocalypse


A new apocalypse game, Unawake, is announced with Unawake offering up some new story-based progression

The trend of apocalypses and dystopian futures is carrying on with our next big announcement we have for Unawake. It is another action title that will use the power of UE5 to give us some amazing visuals to run around in with Toplitz Productions offering up a massive story to us all in the mix too. That is the promise of it all that we have with this announcement, at the very least. Not a knock on Unawake, but it does feel like we might need a bit more to make this PC title stand out a bit more given the state of the world and industry. I guess this is where the rest of the announcement and trailer kicks in for those looking to see and know more.

Beyond Unawake having a name that sounds like it is trying to get around social media content blocking, it looks to be a high-action title that aims to blend Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and History all into one title. A title that will have us picking up various weapons and skills as we set out into this new and dark world. We will have to face off with all manner of enemies in Unawake in a first-person melee kind of mode as the trailer will show. All so we can try to save the human race once more from some other creatures that seem to come from Heaven and Hell. Maybe even something truly out of this world too. Have a look at the basics we have right now and see if it will scratch any of those itches when it hits in Q4 of 2023.

Unawake — Announcement

Fans of action-packed yet tactical skirmishes will be able to dive into the dark apocalypse of Unawake approximately in Q4 2023. The first teaser trailer will give you an impressive preview of the level, world, and fight design. Face a fierce and epic battle against impossible odds, where you decide the fate of humanity and determine a future marked by merciless wars between creatures from heaven and hell. Deliver punishment or absolution to your opponents. You are the last bastion.


  • Breathtakingly surreal levels with details only Unreal Engine 5 can deliver
  • An epic story blending science fiction, fantasy, and history
  • Fast and tactical first-person melee combat
  • Story-based game progression
  • Experience-based character and skill progression
  • More than 20 skills to customize your way of play
  • Vanquish your enemies with a multitude of weapons
  • Customize your weapons to gain the advantage in relentless battles

Do you see Unawake standing out from the various other titles that we have had thus far or is it too early to tell? Will this be more than a Christian mythology-based story with Heaven and Hell or is that just the easier way to describe to us all what is going on? How different do you think the weapons and skills will feel from other titles like this out there? Go ahead and tell us all of your thoughts on this and more down in the comments and then discuss. We will keep an eye on Unawake moving forward and be sure to bring you all of the updates we can get along the way. I have a feeling it might be more of a surprise than what we have at this point.