Take A Stroll Around The Gameplay We Have For Disney Dreamlight Valley


Visit more of the Disney friends out there for Disney Dreamlight Valley with the latest gameplay breakdown

Here we go with a bit more gameplay to dig into for Disney Dreamlight Valley. This is more than just your average bit, though, as this will give us all a good lowdown on what Gameloft is building for us before the September 6thEarly Access kicks off. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a bit more than just a life sim from the looks of it all unless your life is filled with the normal mundane chores and activities mixed with some over-the-top fantastical elements we have grown to love over the decades. It does look like the full catalog of IPs will be making its way in to build on top of all of these various gameplay mechanics now.

When we all load up Disney Dreamlight Valley for the first time, we will be guided through the usual character creation process where we will deck our avatars out in all of the current gear in the game. From there, we will need to venture out to help all of the denizens of the world to restore order and balance through all forms of various missions and challenges. All mixed in with the usual fishing, crafting, and farming that are easy to add in to fill things out for those that do not want to dive into the meat right away. There will even be the usual Disney cooking sections too so you can recreate all of the weird food from the films and maybe have it build into something more for our character.

Disney Dreamlight Valley — Gameplay Overview

It’s up to YOU to discover the stories of Dreamlight Valley! Embark on an adventure and forge friendships with Disney and Pixar heroes and villains. Express your Disney style and make the valley your own as you explore and help restore the magic to this world.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, a new life-sim adventure game, releases September 6, 2022, in Early Access on PC and consoles.

How deep into the Disney vault will we get to go when it comes to our looks in the game? Do you think we will be forced to do more of the chore missions to build into the bigger story? How do you think the cooking and food will work in the game beyond just getting to see it all done? Feel free to talk about all of that and more down in the comments. I have my eyes firmly set on Disney Dreamlight Valley, so there will be many more updates as we get closer to the Early Access. Just be sure to keep checking in here for all of those and everything the rest of the crew has to offer up.