Bayonetta 3 Will Offer Up Her Witchy Ways This October


The release date for Bayonetta 3 is set with Bayonetta hitting the Switch again this coming October

It has been some time since we saw Bayonetta out there saving the universe and it looks like she will be back in the mix on the Switch very soon. It feels as if Platinum Games announced this with Nintendo so long ago that it should have already released. Yet, here we are still waiting for Bayonetta 3, but the wait is almost over. As of now, the game is set to launch out there on October 28th for those that have been patient up until now and can still hold out a few more months to have her withy ways back in your life. I am sure we can all hold on just a bit longer now.

Along with the new release date announcement for Bayonetta 3, comes a fun little trailer that shows off just some of what is going on out there in the game again. It looks like everyone is still up to their old tricks and tactics from the previous games and Bayonetta will need to use all of her skills, magic, and guns to make sure the new threats are dealt with. We also have a short bit that introduces a few other characters in the mix that we will get to experience and play around with too. I mean that in the way of them being playable as the gameplay just below shows us all. Take a look at it all and see just how it could flow when October finally comes around and we can let the story continue out there.

Bayonetta 3 — The Witch Returns This Autumn!

The witch is back! Summon, slash and slay in style when Bayonetta 3 launches on Nintendo Switch on October 28th!

Did you space on the fact that Bayonetta 3 was still in the works and glad to see it will not be much longer until you can play? Do you think we will only get some short segments of alternate characters to play as in the game here? How do you think this will build on the spectacle that has been the last few titles in the IP's line? Go ahead and sound off in the comments about all of that to your heart's content. I will keep offering up what I can for Bayonetta 3, so please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we have to offer up until the launch.