Forspoken Has Been Delayed One More Time Until 2023


A new delay for Forspoken is set down with Forspoken now heading to an early 2023 release date

It is starting to feel as if Forspoken is never going to make it out, as we have one more delay set for the game now. A delay that will have it heading to the PS5 and PC in 2023 now instead of this coming October. I am sure it was a hard choice to make by Luminous Productions, but now we can mark down January 24th, 2023 for Forspoken to finally come out. So, just a few more months for the team to work on it to make sure it is going to be up to the snuff of what we all want out there. That has to be the hope of it all at this point, right?

Just as we can assume here, the latest delay for Forspoken is all so the team can put on "more polish" for the game now. It is all completed and all of the assets are ready, so this reads that there are some basic Quality Assurance issues with the game they are ironing out. That or they are trying to get things on the physical side of things finalized and ready to release for Forspoken too. I just hope that we do not need to wait too long to get more to look at for the game so we can keep all of the hype rolling on so we do not let this title fall to the side of the road.

Are you completely crushed that Forspoken will no longer be dropping this year or are you okay with it coming when it is ready? Do you think this was more on the QA side of things or more on the physical creation side of it all? Do you think the delays are over for now and this will be the final date or has it shown too much of a pattern for you to get excited again? Tell us all of your thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. When more for Forspoken is out there, we will share it all here with you. Please keep a close eye on the site for all of those updates and more.